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On this page you will read a brief about Capitol Bulk & Minerals Inc. business history and our visions and missions. If you want to read more about our services or if you want to ask any question about any thing use below links.
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A Brief About Company

Looking Forward & Onward

Shipping has been a major headache for clients of all sizes and stripes. And after COVID plus a spree of global jolts, things have only struggled to find their way back.
Capitol Bulk & Minerals Inc enables a supply chain full of solutions amidst fluctuating crises. It has already started the aggressive expansion of its footprint in global communities, industries, and economies. Thanks to our trusted suppliers, traders, distributors, and team, we have never looked back since our inception in 2019
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We Are A Freight Solutions Provider

Keeping things moving

Our raw materials such as coal, iron ore, cement, etc. are used in power generation, cement, and steel industries. The rapidly-expanding client base underpins our trustworthiness and reputation as a competent sea freight solutions provider.

What Is The Purpose Of Our Business

Our Business Goals

Our Vision

To emerge as a leader in the maritime supply chain in each of the segments we operate. We wish to be the first choice for partners irrespective of short and long-term sourcing requirements for minerals and commodities such as coal, iron ore, cement, clinker, steel coils, and more.

Our Mission

To reach our vision with matchless flexibility, reliability, and precision without compromising our core values of empathy, ethics, and transparency. So what you are waiting for, contact our support team for receiving free consultation about our maritime supply chain.

The Founder & Manager Of Capitol Bulk & Minerals Inc.

Our Leader

Hunger and passion can move mountains. Our founder and CEO Tarunn S Kuchal’s did something similar when he decided to explore possibilities in the maritime supply chain. With a rich and diverse experience of 15+ years in operations, inventory management, retail, and supply chain, Mr. Kuchal has set examples while creating a well-managed and systematized venture in just over three years as a founder.

After all, success only comes to those who put effort. 😊🌷

Our Team

The Founder and CEO

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